Ace in the Hole

Billy Wilder is brutal.  Absolutely brutal.  An evil genius?  Oh yeah.  I’ve been on a Wilder kick lately.  It started last month after a reviewing of one of my favorite films ‘The Apartment’, and it ended with ‘Ace in the Hole’.  Wilder has a cruel and cynical eye when it comes to humanity and it never comes so apparent, as with ‘Ace in the Hole’, made shortly after the award winning ‘The Lost Weekend’ - and before the Hollywood baiting of dead dreams turned nightmares of Sunset Boulevard, it is - a cornerstone work in the Wilder oeuvre.  A dark and brutal cornerstone.  No wonder Bergman was Wilder’s biggest fan.

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Tender Buttons Tour Mix

Kinda sad but kinda brilliant. The internets has done it again and provided us with the Tender Buttons era tour mix of Broadcast. Miss u ...


Huerco S answers the Questions of Doom

Huerco S is kinda genius in the internets world that Bad Vibes inhabits. Why? He applies old school Detroit science via Kansas City and makes tracks that sound as if you are stuck in the most pivotal John Carpenter scene ever. We are getting addicted to his soundcloud as he keeps on throwing down absolutely spectral and essential tracks like Apheleia''s Theme, that make you wonder exactly why he hasn't recieved complete dominance over this planet as of yet. We had no choice but to get him in for this week's Questions of Doom.

What are the secret origins of Huerco S?

"Basile used huorco, huerco or uerco, the Neapolitan form of orco [Italian] 'giant', 'monster', to describe a large, hairy, tusked, mannish beast who could speak might capture and eat humans, or be indifferent or even benevolent — all depending on the tale."

I hear old school Detroit in your music, yet - it sounds compelling and new - does the cornucopia of information/images/music on the internet inform your work?

To some degree yes, I have the ability to access to whatever, whenever. But I don't really put much thought into it, I'm just making what I'd want to listen to.

As an artist, what are your feelings on Megaupload situation?


Do you get musical inspiration from the landscapes of Kansas City?

Definitely, Kansas City's architecture is some of the most interesting I've seen in the Midwest. With something like 200 plus fountains, second only to Rome and a really great collection of Art-Deco design it's hard not to find yourself visually satisfied.

You've recorded and released a series of one-offs, are you planning an album?

Not currently, I really just want to get a couple more EP's out before I plan anything extensive.

You've done remixes. I'm always curious as to what draws producers to remixes? Any particular aspect of a remix you feel to bring out when you say yes?

It's kind of egotistical really, "Hey you just recorded this song, let me do MY version." I'm most drawn to re-contextualizing pieces that normally wouldn't be associated with dance music. I'm always doing edits, and if anything it's great practice for when I actually compose and produce my own pieces.

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Daft Punk
Random Access Memories

....and we are back. What happened? So confused. Actually we were waiting on the return of Daft Punk. Felt that 'blogging' was pointless until Daft Punk released Random Access Memories on the internets. Speaking of which, Daft Punk's internet police are pretty savvy, so don't expect this too up up for long, but until then enjoy (and don't expect an academic breakdown of the awesomeness of this album, its taken eight months to get to the point where I can listen to Beach Boys Pet Sounds and enjoy it without hearing some basement dweller 'describe Wilson's genius'. Daft Punk are this generation's Beatles. Get in and get back to music indeed...


Fan Fiction
Lifetime Original

Beautiful minimal rainbow acid animations overlaying glitched natural backgrounds combined with pastoral trance synth loops like the most amazing screensaver ever.

Download their album for free from their bandcamp:

araabmuzik runway bass download

Runway Bass

After the last post, I think we all need to cleanse ourselves with ARAABMUSIK.... and get into Runway Bass here.

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cold pumas lulz mediafire

When Press Releases Go Bad ... Very Bad

Cold Pumas hail from Brighton, land of windswept piers, and have been abiding by the three Rs since their inception : Repetition, Repetition, Repetition. Yet their début long-player, Persistent Malaise is the result of an internal aeon of transient rebirths. Released on the 30th October as a triumvirate split between Faux Discx, Gringo Records and Italian Beach Babes, the album is both a metronomic cathedral of married noise and a funnel of kraut-tinged catharsis. It arrives preceded by a wave of 7”s that have captured the taught and at times nascent evolution of this trio of fraternal pedants.
It gets far worse my friends...
As opined by the album's name, the sonic unease is at times betrayed deliberately by its rhythmic crux. Indeed, several juxtapositions lie between the persistence of those invigorating textural showers, the locked cadences of the songs and the underpinning of lyrics retelling the ubiquitous dread of a relationship’s decline. It feels at times like being the lone watcher of a party slowly decaying around oblivious guests.
The whole thing reads like a emo party in for the Norwich goff population. The best thing though? The band sounds like a shitty Sonic Youth.

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Zig Zags
Turbo Hit

I got a PR hit about the Datsuns new album. It made me lulz. I'll always remember when I realised that I wanted nothing to do with the music industry - it was sometime back in the 00s. I went out with some 'music guy' to a pub, who had brought along his friends. Somehow the Datsuns got brought up and I scoffed - 'Wow they sold out pretty quick didn't they? Those motherfuckers from hell...' - this 5ts bro, in a skin tight denim suit, with blinding belly, who had joined this rather sad entourage, started to berate me 'THEY ARE ROCK'N'ROLL STARS - THEY GOT JOHN PAUL JONES TO PRODUCE THEIR ALBUM ... WHO ARE YOU NOTHING! NOTHING!' .... I laughed. I never got compared and failed to the Datsuns ever again - but it sat with me. Anyways if you want the pure authentic ghetto punk acid trip - hit up on the Zig Zags. It's kinda mandatory around these parts. Listen here.

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Vanya on 42nd Street (1994)

Louis Malle last film, is perhaps one of his more interesting turns in cinema.  Having come off a ‘big Hollywood’ production of ‘Damaged’, and thoroughly hating the experience, Malle turned to Andre Gregory and his players (including Julianne Moore) who had been working on a rehearsal of Vanya for for years - yes - years.  This is kinda fascinating, as all the players discussed the positive impact the experience has had on their acting, and how they brought everything into the roles they were playing at the time.  At the end of the project, Gregory had them perform the play in front of loved ones - - in an abandoned theatre in NYC.  Street clothes.  No stage props beyond a table and chairs, and no nuances of the past, only a crumbling old building.  It was the perfect aesthetic choice to discuss the crumbling decay of Vanya and his family.  Malle film is almost cine verities as he captures the roles perfectly.  You find yourself lost in the words and the actions, rather than the sumptuous settings, and indeed - when you do hear contemporary sounds - such as the traffic - or when Wallace Shawn drinks from a ‘I Love NYC” cup, you realise that this experiment and experience could only originate in New York.

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