Daniel Lopatin (of Ford and Lopatin and Oneohtrix Point Never) answers our Questions of Doom

Channel Pressure is this year's summer album. Oh yeah. Somewhere in the midst of Games and Oneohtrix Point Never, they morphed into Ford and Lopatin and developed the aesthetic of the summer: raw, simple electro beats circa 1985, the resurrected club funk, Kraftwerk's electronic cool, dubbed out filmy moves and Giorgio Moroder's throbbing eurodisco - it's a trip. It is a total trip. Ford and Lopatin kind of made us forget that LCD Soundsystem existed, and their Channel Pressure's effect will be cataclysmic. It will put Ford and Lopatinat the cutting edge of electronic music - it is pop as art and art as pop. It's astounding. Absolutely astounding. Channel Pressure sits effortlessly on the tightrope between artful experimentation and mainstream pop. It's the first masterpiece of the summer. We had no choice but to get Daniel Lopatin in for this week's Questions of Doom (and stream the new album after the jump).

What are the secret origins of Oneohtrix Point Never?

Hearing soft rock radio while getting my teeth drilled, as a youngster.

Your music makes my life feel like a film. How much under the influence of cinema is Oneohtrix Point Never?

It was my first love artistically. Camera movement is very musical. Gaspard Noe is maybe the most rhythmic director making films today, although I can't relate to them very well. Tarkovsky was very musical too.

I really got into Oneohtrix Point Never after your release of the Returnal - were you surprised/shocked on how much love the record received?

I was shocked, and very thankful!

What has been the greatest misconception of Oneohtrix Point Never?

I don't think any misconceptions about me have been great enough to remember. I'm sure there's something but I can't think of anything.

Oneohtrix Point Never carries a relaxed yet disarming sound, are you interested in musical dichotomies?

Yes my favorite musical dichotomy is smooth/striated. It's really fun. My Bloody Valentine was the best at it.

Games/Oneohtrix/Ford and Lopatin sound incredibly fresh and urgent - do you feel the music you make is without nostalgia? Do you think there can ever be musical nostalgia with the internet?

I'm not nostalgic for the 80s or 90s, I just connect to the music a lot. Nostalgia is what tribute bands do. That things were better then and aren't any good now. I don't fiend for a different nostalgic reality. I just love what happened to music in the late 20th century. It trips me out.

How has access to the Mexican Summer studio altered their ideas regarding this sound? What do you feel you express with Ford and Lopatin that you haven’t/couldn’t explore within Oneohtrix Point Never?

Yes everything! I haven't been able to think about open air/live room recording ever. And there's a couple of pianos there. It'll be crazy to record OPN in that type of environment.

The Ford and Lopatin and Oneohtrix Point Never seem almost as if they were separate and distinct entities, did you make sure neither project ‘bled’ into Ford and Lopatin.

They are different for sure. They don't need to commingle, that is confusing for me!

To what extent do they see their role as producers in defining the sound of the Software imprint?

Time will tell but it's something we're interested in growing into.

Stream the Ford & Lopatin album here. We wanted to embed it but it's been set to private on soundcloud. Boo.